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Topic subjectRE: Art can influence not change minds
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206035, RE: Art can influence not change minds
Posted by buckshot defunct, Tue Aug-15-06 03:00 PM
>>And isn't an influence a change in and of itself?
>No. Being that I am a metaphysician

I'm sorry, I have to ask- what do metaphysicians do?

>I think changes occur
>first on an inner(unseen level) and then it is reflected
> in the outer(physical) world.

I was wondering when the 'art imitates life' card was gonna be played, and this might be the closest we get. While I agree with the sentiment here, I think the 'reflecting' goes both ways. The inner affects the outer and vice versa.

But I'd be interested to know where you think those unseen inner changes come from.

>Change that occurs the other way around is
>manipulation. Media manipulation of art is called popular

Well, 'manipulation' is kind of a loaded word. And beyond that I'm not sure what you're saying here. Do you feel that all pop art is a form of propaganda? Do you see propoganda as art?