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Topic subjectNo but based on experience
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204875, No but based on experience
Posted by Nettrice, Thu Aug-10-06 06:16 PM
...it's hard to know what, if anything, has a real effect on the viewer. For example, one of my paintings, Liberation Dance (http://nettrice.us/liberationdance2.jpg) seems to affect people in all kinds of ways. One person, a white lady over age 60 saw monkeys and offended everyone, including the artist (me). Some Black guys saw something overtly sexual in the piece while the women could not even when they tried to point it out. Did any of them see exactly my vision for the work or understand what I experienced when making the work? No. They related based on their own prior experience, knowledge and viewpoint.

Me and my best friend disagree that La Haine is a good film. She hates it while I find it inspiring. We agree on lots of things but not on films.

>by the way, I really liked that thing you posted in the other
>thread. Sometimes I think I'm the only person who questions
>Stone's motives and protestations of innocence.

You're not the only one. :)