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Topic subjectNaw I'm starting 2 think he might've ran over your dog or som'n
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204845, Naw I'm starting 2 think he might've ran over your dog or som'n
Posted by jigga, Thu Aug-10-06 05:18 PM
>How do you think he's able to make such popular
>"controversial" films, if he is so dumb that he can't gauge
>the reaction of his intended audience at the outset?

You're missing the point if you REALLY think his intention is 2 have everyone @ the end of this film to be all up in arms & ready 2 beat down the next cat they see on the street wearing a turban.

>As a general statement, if you as a film director can't
>anticipate the reaction to your film, particularly in a
>volatile political climate in which anything stirs up
>emotions, then you don't deserve the budget you're awarded.
>Come on.

Or perhaps you've got your own seperate idea of what a majority of the peoples reaction is going to be to this film. I left the film w/ nothing but thoughts about honor, respect, & paying tribute to those involved in a stressful, tragic, trying situation. And I think many others will as well. If you'd clear your mind from all your preconceived notions & actually see the movie, you might also do the same. I repeat. This is not your typical Oliver Stone film.