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Posted by DrNO, Thu Aug-10-06 04:22 PM
>> I don't think any recent politically motiated
>>films--and there have been some great ones--have done much
>>good at all.
>Art doesn't have to "do good."

I'll replace "do good" with "do anything on an observable scale" then.

>>Everyone with a TV can watch Frontline and become more aware
>>of the world for free, and they don't bother to.
>Right. Nobody in the world watches Frontline. I guess I
>imagined watching The Dark Side or The Secret History of
>Credit Cards.

But didn't you already have a distrust of Dick Cheney? Did it give you more grounds or did it actually change your outlook? If it had taken a more positive view of him would you have opened yourself to it? If Frontline was popular and a sizable portion of the population watched it wouldn't the networks attempt to adopt its standards?

>>So how can we
>>expect movies to do anything?
>If one person watches Backdraft and decides to become a fire
>fighter, yellow is wrong.

What kind of scale are you talking about? I'm considering this on the level of changing mass public political attitudes. Of course it can change individuals outlooks but usually withing limits they've already established for themselves. I know that firsthand. I've become more knowledgeable about and modified my outlook on the world through art but it's remained the same at the core. Maybe that smaller scale is as far as this poll was meant to go, but where's the debate there really? That's just a given.

Bah arguing this kind of shit on here isn't much fun. I don't really have an quarrel with you on any worthwhile points.