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Topic subjectI went with the first choice
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204786, I went with the first choice
Posted by DubSpt, Thu Aug-10-06 02:28 PM
Cause I know I read "Cat's Cradle" when I was feeling unsure about my faith and that pushed me over the edge.

I do have two notes though:
I don't know if propaganda shows the point, because we said change minds, and I think propaganda shapes minds because we take it as truth instead of a piece of art.

Also, what I don't think this post has addressed yet is the impact that art has in more intrinsic aspects. I will give you an example: "Astral Weeks" by Van Morrison changed my life. It completely changed the way that I look at art and it changed my expectations for not only art, but for people and life in general as well. Would I say that it made me think about world issues or things like that? No, but it did make me examine myself. And aint nothing wrong with that.