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Topic subjectI voted red.
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204778, I voted red.
Posted by bignick, Thu Aug-10-06 01:50 PM
>because if you did and you didn't vote yellow (as we know
>that you did not), then you must have voted that art can have
>political impact. I thought you just said in the World Trade
>Center thread that art does NOT have political ramifications.

I never said that. My beef with people complaining about that film was the assumption that Stone was simply trying to capitalize on a emotional event in recent history.

>I thought your rationale for why the film is appropriate and
>timely is that no matter how many jingo-istic emotions it
>stirs up, that won't have any effect on whether we kill more
>people in Middle Eastern countries?

My rationale is simple. He's a story teller and this is an amazing story. Period. If dumb ass Americans leave the theater ready to support the bombing of more towel heads, that's not Oliver Stone's fault. It's the fault of this country's mind-boggling stupidity.