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Topic subjectThis is absolutely ridiculous.
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204776, This is absolutely ridiculous.
Posted by bignick, Thu Aug-10-06 01:45 PM
>However, I really do believe art can change
>people's minds,

It seems that you actually voted against your beliefs.

>I just think that the art world in general
>would like to be a snob more than change minds,

The intent of why the art was created isn't really the question here. This makes it sound like you're just voting this way out of some animosity toward what you perceive to be the snobbish art world.

>and with that
>said, people with already similar views go to see political or
>socially conscious art, and the rest stay at home and watch

And this is just patently untrue and wrong for a few different reasons. Sure, there are some people who only watch movies or read books that they think will mesh with their world view. But there are also millions of people who read books, watch movies, go see photography exhibitions in order to learn more about whatever the subject matter is. Along those lines, there are a lot of different examples of art actually changing people's opinions and outlooks on issues.

Second, you're assuming that the people who stay at home and watch CSI don't also check out stuff like Band of Brothers or The Wire. All that stuff is art--like it or not Janey--and it can definitely change people's minds.

Example: In my book I talked briefly about Sebastian Telfair's decision to make the leap from high school to the NBA. One of my wife's cousins read the book and because of that she and her husband watched the excellent documentary, Through the Fire which details his decision and the process around it. Before watching the movie she was of the rather ill-formed opinion that these kids were just being selfish and greedy and they should just go to college.
Art changed her mind.