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Topic subjectI'm a bit undecided on this issue
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204764, I'm a bit undecided on this issue
Posted by BlueNote, Thu Aug-10-06 01:13 PM
I voted for, "No, because only people who have already formed opinions see art in the first place," but that's not exactly my opinion. I believe art is any creative form of personal expression and it's up to the individual to create their own criterion to what they value. With that mindset I almost voted for the propaganda choice because I believe some of the best art is propaganda. The thing is that I spent most of the year studying multi-cultural and political art, and the majority of the art only wanted to preach to the choir. There are many works of art I see that are supposed to change minds but the people who already agree with the artist are the ones looking at the art, and the rest don't care or have a bias that artists are just shallow liberals (the cliche is not that untrue). The message isn't getting to the people that maybe need to hear and the followers false sense of enlightenment only grows. However, I really do believe art can change people's minds, I just think that the art world in general would like to be a snob more than change minds, and with that said, people with already similar views go to see political or socially conscious art, and the rest stay at home and watch CSI.