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Topic subjectTrue or False: Art can change minds.
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204747, True or False: Art can change minds.
Posted by janey, Wed Dec-31-69 07:00 PM

Poll question: True or False: Art can change minds.

Poll result (35 votes)
Yes, a well made film, well written book, well staged play can give people a theretofore unseen look at the experience of others and can teach and elevate. (23 votes)Vote
No, art is meaningless when it comes to intellectual purposes. (2 votes)Vote
Yes, and while propaganda may not be art, it certainly illustrates the point (4 votes)Vote
No, because only people who have already formed opinions see art in the first place (4 votes)Vote
Yes, art is subversive (1 votes)Vote
No, there is no art (1 votes)Vote