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Topic subjectRE: well that's too bad, man
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200168, RE: well that's too bad, man
Posted by Nukkapedia, Tue Jul-25-06 01:43 AM
>With all do respect to your decision there, I do have the
>couple of thoughts...
>1. Walt probably never gave a fuck about the art crowd or how
>'seriously' his work was taken by academia.

actually, Walt lobbied pretty hard for artistic recognition. Hence "Fantasia", Disneyland, and audio-animatronics.

>2. Having people dissect your films on a message board isn't
>all that great an aspiration. I'm pretty sure a lot of that
>'kid stuff' touched us in a far deeper way than Donnie Darko
>or City of God ever could.
Not just on message boards: in magazine,s in film class, and in general conversation without being dismissed as just "a goddamned cartoon".

>3. I wonder how things would be different, if you had spent
>your energy chopping it up with the 3 or 4 people here who
>shared your love for animation, rather than arguing with
>hundreds of Transformers fans. Probably not at all, but I'm
>just saying.

Not much would be different, unfortunately, aside from everyone being naive together. Talking to those people helped me realize just how out-of-touch I really was. I didn't realize to the extent that most people disreguarded animation. I don't know. I've just lost enthusiasm for animation and wanting to be an animator.
>4. Good luck!