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Topic subjectok? I don't need no stinkin ok
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195575, ok? I don't need no stinkin ok
Posted by Mynoriti, Fri Jul-07-06 12:32 AM
>So how'd you lace it up so early? Was it the finished product
>or is it still in post production?

I work for a post company that's doing some work on it. It's done for the most part. The thing is I watched it with the audio about a second out of sync (which in its own way was kinda great because you could hear Sam yelling before his mouth started moving). I really only meant to watch a little bit of it, because I wanted the communal theater experience for this movie, but once I started watching I couldn't just stop. I mean it's fucking Snakes...

>You did actually see some Snakes on a Plane & not just some
>uhhhh Eggs in an Emergency Exit Row or uhhhh Reptiles on a
>Runway right? Dont be comin back w/ no, "Well...actually they
>were just tadpoles on a tarmac" shit aiiight!