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Topic subjectLate pass. Why is there no "ok" next 2 your name?
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195560, Late pass. Why is there no "ok" next 2 your name?
Posted by jigga, Thu Jul-06-06 11:28 PM
That should've happened automatically once you typed the title of the thread. Unless of course you're lying? Naaaaaaw you wouldnt dare right? I'll steal Frank's "ok" from him if they dont give you 1 soon. Good shit.

So how'd you lace it up so early? Was it the finished product or is it still in post production?

You did actually see some Snakes on a Plane & not just some uhhhh Eggs in an Emergency Exit Row or uhhhh Reptiles on a Runway right? Dont be comin back w/ no, "Well...actually they were just tadpoles on a tarmac" shit aiiight!