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Topic subjectSo the Majority Rules...minorities need to assimilate
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188651, So the Majority Rules...minorities need to assimilate
Posted by GdChil1, Wed Jun-07-06 10:25 AM
i.e. we need to know everything about them and if we don't, we get shunned however, they have no moral or social obligation to get to know anything about us? I don't get it.

>for a sheltered, good hearted white dude I'm sure trying to
>write a black character would be terrifying back in the days.
>Especially when the black characters stand out so much and the
>entire perception of your imprints racial outlook is going to
>be based on them. Of course the resulting characters are going
>to be overly broad and stereotypical. I don't envy that task.
>But it's getting better as those involved become more