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Topic subjectfall back on the Star Trek.
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188384, fall back on the Star Trek.
Posted by Invisiblist, Tue Jun-06-06 09:23 AM
First black interracial kiss.
Black captain that saved the universe.

But of course, there WAS Geordi Leforge. I'm convinced Geordi was the writers' way of convincing us that CP time is real.

Picard - "Geordi, I need the warp drive online! How long will it take?"
Geordi - "I need three days at the very least, captain!"
Picard - "we only have an hour!"
Geordi - "Ok."

But other points you made:

It was not the point of Starfleet to kill aliens. Who would Riker fuck then? He's already pulled all the human hoes.

And come on.......let's be real now. If there aren't as many black folks on the show as you'd like...you gotta step back and think. I think the writers already know that black folks aren't really trying to be cooped up with a buncha annoying-ass white people in skintight clothing for 5 years at a time.