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Topic subjectstop. take 3 deep breaths, & get a life fam.
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188372, stop. take 3 deep breaths, & get a life fam.
Posted by GdChil1, Tue Jun-06-06 07:58 AM
>>I mean sci-fi in general, blacks don't exist.
>well you should of titled the post then

u didn't have to come in here if you had nothing positive to ad to the post...maybe you didn't see the "shock post" disclaimer???

>i mean if you consider the wizard of OZ sci fi your just
>reaching anyway

Wizard of Oz isn't SCIENCE FICTION? WTF? I'm not reaching, your definition's just a little too shallow.

>X Men - the comic is known for it's diversity and the team is
>bascially a benetton ad

No. No it's not at all. 1 black girl and white blue guy does not equal diversity. stop it.