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Topic subjectyou look to superhero comics for REALISM, though?
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188227, you look to superhero comics for REALISM, though?
Posted by AFKAP_of_Darkness, Mon Jun-05-06 08:06 PM
i dunno... that's a problem for me these days

and frankly, the whole "X-Men as social commentary" rap is really overrated... Stan Lee's original X-Men was really a basic good vs. evil superhero yarn that wasn't much more realistic than Doom Patrol or the SuperFriends.

the whole social commentary thing never really became a big part of it until Claremont. and even then it was rather half-assed, i thought. Grant Morrison was the one who brought that particular aspect of X-Men mythos to full bloom, IMHO

also, i think it's unfair to point out that DC had no blacks, hispanics or gays and then contrast that with a list of all these diverse Marvel heroes FROM THE 70s, 80s, 90s and 00s.

Marvel didn't have any black, hispanic or gay characters during that same period (yeah, they had Black Panther, but that was about it) and DC has had plenty of diverse characters since then too.