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Topic subjectmainstream America has had their head in the sand for years.
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188703, mainstream America has had their head in the sand for years.
Posted by bignick, Wed Jun-07-06 12:24 PM
>That is unless your education system is a complete failure.

yours, mine and ours. that's why Americans consume the way we do.

>The unwashed masses are more likely to watch Oprah than pay to
>see an Al Gore lecture.
>This movie will do little to raise awareness. It's the Al Gore

this movie has already done a ton to raise awareness. it's one of the main topics of discusison on magazines, news shows, blogs, etc.

>And that magic solution of alternative fuels and hybrid
>technology is some simplistic politically motivated BS.

no, it's not. those are just some of the ways that the average person can start doing something about the problem that we have helped create.

>Democrat and we'll save the world! You don't even have to lift
>a finger! How are those HARD facts?

nice try. maybe if you actually saw the movie you would know that he delves deeply into the specific data on exactly what we're doing to the planet, and how we can potentially stop doing harm.

>The truth of the situation
>is that we need to turn to nuclear power and/or make
>sacrifices in our quality of living.

no, the truth of the matter is that we can seriously slow down and or stop the effects of what we have already begun by doing lots of things.

>According to that slate
>piece and the critics the movie doesn't really delve into

the movie doesn't talk about nuclear power i don't think, but he does delve into ways that we can make changes.

>This movie stars Al Gore and your trying to claim the
>messenger doesn't matter? Come on.

i never said the messenger didn't matter. but i'm not gonna discount the movie just because he once ran for president.

maybe next time you should actually SEE a movie before you try to rip it apart?