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Topic subjectyeah, bringing attention to a HUGE problem is pointless.
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188611, yeah, bringing attention to a HUGE problem is pointless.
Posted by bignick, Wed Jun-07-06 04:11 AM

>And he's preaching to the choir. Big whup. I support the cause
>but I can't see this film as anything other than a way for
>Gore to bolster his public profile. I think he's a decent guy,
>but this movie is pointless.

if you think this is pointless, you're already beyond hope.

>The comparrison is not unfounded,

the comparison is UNfounded, wrong-headed and nonsensical.

>both sides are trying to
>accomplish the same thing by bringing these issues up right
>now and without bringing up the hard facts of what it'll take
>to beat global warming Gore is doing it shamelessly.

if you've seen the movie, you know that he does bring up the hard facts of what it will take to beat global warming. he address alternative feul sorces, hybrid technology, etc.
people just dismiss that because it makes it easier to bash the movie.

>And just yesterday the republicans were citing statistical
>evidence that gay marriage has been harmful in the countries
>where it's legal. Sure if we take a closer look it's bullshit
>and we can easily discount it entirely. But democrats can't
>even manage to make that clear.

i'll say it again. there is no proof that gay marriage is going to harm the fabric of society. none.

>But, they can just ignore it because all the film is
>accomplishing is inciting some AL Gore backslapping parties
>like this post.

see, this is a big part of why things are fucked up. someone makes a movie from the heart and tries to bring attention to something that is a big problem and you dismiss it as an Al Gore backslapping party and compare it to gay marriage.

>Or have you guys started biking everywhere,
>made contributions to clean energy lobby groups and made sure
>everything in your house is energy star certified?

no, but my wife and I own one car; a 97 Civic. and we walk whenever possible. and when the time comes to buy a house, or a new car, we'll be as environmentally friendly as we can afford to be about it.
by the way, this is just the kind of Ann Coulter, bullshit, attack the messenger shit that conservatives do.

>A major project like this should aim to educate the ignorant
>republican base and convince them that changing our ways is

which the movie did.

Otherwise it's a waste of time; we can find better
>information about climate change for free online and on TV

yeah, cause the unwashed masses really search out enlightening television.

>Leonardo DiCaprio did more for the world on Oprah a
>few months back.

no, he didn't.