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Topic subjecthurrah for sloppy science
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188603, hurrah for sloppy science
Posted by DrNO, Wed Jun-07-06 02:09 AM
>because we have real world, scientific, indisputable evidence
>of how human beings are hurting the environment. flag
>burnings and gay marriage don't hurt anybody.

And he's preaching to the choir. Big whup. I support the cause but I can't see this film as anything other than a way for Gore to bolster his public profile. I think he's a decent guy, but this movie is pointless.
The comparrison is not unfounded, both sides are trying to accomplish the same thing by bringing these issues up right now and without bringing up the hard facts of what it'll take to beat global warming Gore is doing it shamelessly.

>again, wrong. the Republicans are using racism and homophobia
>to rally their ignorant ass base to the polls. don't you
>fucking dare compare this to that.

And just yesterday the republicans were citing statistical evidence that gay marriage has been harmful in the countries where it's legal. Sure if we take a closer look it's bullshit and we can easily discount it entirely. But democrats can't even manage to make that clear.
The Bush administration and Co. are expert in spinning bullshit and discounting the truth.
Why should we condone spinning the facts of global warming when the flaws in such an argument give right wingers grounds to discount the theory entirely? Because they could do that if they felt the need, easily.
But, they can just ignore it because all the film is accomplishing is inciting some AL Gore backslapping parties like this post. Or have you guys started biking everywhere, made contributions to clean energy lobby groups and made sure everything in your house is energy star certified?
A major project like this should aim to educate the ignorant republican base and convince them that changing our ways is doable. Otherwise it's a waste of time; we can find better information about climate change for free online and on TV anyways. Leonardo DiCaprio did more for the world on Oprah a few months back.