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Topic subjectthis is a totally nonsensical comparison.
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188487, this is a totally nonsensical comparison.
Posted by bignick, Tue Jun-06-06 04:12 PM

>How is stressing the worst possible scenarios of global
>warming all that different from the Republicans doomsday
>predictions about flag burning, gay marraige and immigration
>right now?

because we have real world, scientific, indisputable evidence of how human beings are hurting the environment. flag burnings and gay marriage don't hurt anybody.

>I think our sympathies are certainly with Gore, and rightfully
>so, but he's effectively doing the same things to his base as
>the republicans are to theirs.

again, wrong. the Republicans are using racism and homophobia to rally their ignorant ass base to the polls. don't you fucking dare compare this to that.