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Topic subjectthis is a movie by and partly about Al Gore
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188475, this is a movie by and partly about Al Gore
Posted by DrNO, Tue Jun-06-06 03:37 PM
Making its debut prior to an important election. It's a political film and there is no way to dispute that, sorry.

How is stressing the worst possible scenarios of global warming all that different from the Republicans doomsday predictions about flag burning, gay marraige and immigration right now?

I think our sympathies are certainly with Gore, and rightfully so, but he's effectively doing the same things to his base as the republicans are to theirs. I think the point made about celebrities championing the cause while flying around in private jets is important to bring up because Gore does it too.

And I think it's obvious thay overstating the facts just leaves his entire position open to some very effective attacks by those who think global warming is bogus.