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Topic subjectthere's no connection to Fahrenheit 9/11 here
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188471, there's no connection to Fahrenheit 9/11 here
Posted by DoctorBombay, Tue Jun-06-06 03:12 PM
>The whole argument that his overstatements and misuse of facts
>are forgiveable because they raise awareness is the same one
>used to defend Fahrenheit 9/11.

That's just a lazy comparison. One was clealry a liberal offensive against our president, the other an educational documentary that is based on science rather than the flexibility and hindsight of recent history. To bring Fahrenheit 9/11 into this discussion at all clouds the issue and suggests that this is somehow a liberal vs. conservative issue, like abortion or gay marriage. It's not, it's far bigger than that. Plus, his overstatements are still based on science, they just happen to be on the far end of the How Fucked Could We Actually Be spectrum.