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188456, lame.
Posted by Guinness, Tue Jun-06-06 01:52 PM
>Gore's movie takes
>shots at Republicans and the oil industry, but by the most
>amazing coincidence says nothing about the poor example set by
>conspicuous consumers among the Hollywood elite.

get a life, prick. trotting out the "hollywood elite" as anything other than a infinitesmally minute percentage of the population who has no real political leverage or say in policy is the token move of dweebish and weird conservatives. the author is like an anti-social teenager who hates the cheerleaders because they won't return his lustful ogles.

>This raises the troubling fault of An Inconvenient Truth: its
>carelessness about moral argument. Gore says accumulation of
>greenhouse gases "is a moral issue, it is deeply unethical."
>Wouldn't deprivation also be unethical? Some fossil fuel use
>is maddening waste; most has raised living standards. The era
>of fossil energy must now give way to an era of clean energy.
>But the last century's headlong consumption of oil, coal, and
>gas has raised living standards throughout the world; driven
>malnourishment to an all-time low, according to the latest
>U.N. estimates; doubled global life expectancy; pushed most
>rates of disease into decline; and made possible Gore's
>airline seat and MacBook, which he doesn't seem to find

you can make the argument that slavery helped build the south. that doesn't make it ethical.