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Topic subjectWhy This Thread Was Funny
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184172, Why This Thread Was Funny
Posted by BigWorm, Tue May-23-06 06:41 PM
1. The topic.

2. The more interesting sub-topic, that of AFKAP shooting a movie

3. The only reason number two is funny: Normally I'd have nothing but instant praise for the man, but based on the subject of the thread, without reading his blog I just assumed that he meant he was shooting a porn with afrobongo and some other guy, and that this was how he was revealing it. The fact that everyone was like "Good job, can't wait to see it playa!!!", just anticipating his debut of "Phat Ass Nigerian Girlz vol. 1". I'm still kind of cracking up over here.

Seriously though, good luck Afkap! If at all possible, I'd definitely like to see the flick when it's done! Not sure the scale of things (still haven't looked at said blog), but if it gets a release, I'll get at it.