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Topic subjectI don't see how you can watch it and deny it has an effect
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183732, I don't see how you can watch it and deny it has an effect
Posted by celery77, Mon May-22-06 05:02 PM
>- I havent seen 9 songs nor do I plan on seeing THE BROWN
>BUNNY - but I have seen those "scenes", and for the life of
>me, I just don't see the reason to actually SHOW IT. i think
>you can get the same message across just by showing stimulated
>sex acts...i dunno, maybe i'm not that "artsy" or whatever...

I haven't watched those movies, but I have seen Romance and I Am Curious (which was the real one that struck down the obscenity laws, as far as I know) and a few others, I think (I'm blanking right now). The scenes make you sit and wonder what's going on. It's UNcomfortable or weird, and that IS the point.

And you DO see an extremely intimate moment between two characters. It offers an insight into how they relate with each other which can't just be "explained" or shown in other ways as effectively as just putting the hardcore sex up on screen. That's the whole point of film, isn't it? To be able to convery message and meaning through the moving picture? If done appropriately and in the right context, a graphic sex scene should be able to do EXACTLY that.

Are you opposed to simulated sex scenes in film as well? Or is it only the "real" stuff which inspires your concern?