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183672, yup.
Posted by housenegro, Mon May-22-06 02:52 PM
>this is where you start going crazy, though:
>>- whose heard of these films though? and only a handful of
>>them were made in the states, AND SOME OF THESE AMERICAN
>>seen sweetbacks badass song, AND IN THE CUT but the versions
>>saw didn't show any sexual stimulation...
>dude... you prefaced your post with a disclaimer reminding us
>of how educated you are in film but now you're saying "well...
>i haven't seen those films because they weren't made in the

- EMMANUELLE 5? nigga what film school shows EMMANUELLE movies!? But I have seen a good number of foreign films, including Irreversible that is on this list, and that RAPE scene was over the top in my opinion but was essential to the story and plus there was no visible penetration - the other scenes I didn't see or they were edited from the version i saw...but no, alot of the films that I've watched and studied are indeed american films. I am biased in that regards...and i still refuse to watch Brown Bunny.

*edit* but don't get it twisted - maybe u can argue that I got a faux education, but we learned and studied avant-garde and watched films like Triumph of the Will and The Hidden Fortress...these are TRUE CLASSICS and films that shaped cinema...

>and a lot of those movies are actually quite well-known films
>that i would expect most film students would have seen, or at
>least know about.

- LOL...I know emmanuelle movies but that doesn't mean any respectable film student should know about it...plus, I minored in film studies, my major was in broadcast communications...

>>- said the man who hasn't even added one thing to the post
>>other than to say what i had already stated about
>>replies to this post yet nobody has given their opinions
>>whether they think these scenes are necessary...but I wish
>>luck man, do you and I will do me.
>because nobody thinks that it's worth much discussion,

- please. read the last 5 or 6 replies...I plan on responding 2 them now.