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Topic subjectDude, multiple posters addressed your question
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183669, Dude, multiple posters addressed your question
Posted by celery77, Mon May-22-06 02:45 PM
>but either way, this post is 33 replies deep and nobody has
>yet to address whether they think showing all out RAW uncut
>sex is necessary in film. also, whether or not actors actually
>having sex with one another is ACTING.

You just haven't responded to them.

Frankly, you have yet to address why showing "all out RAW uncut sex" is *UN*necessary in film, and considering most people's basic assumption is that filmmakers can do whatever they damn well please and we'll judge its effect when we see it, you'll have to do some convincing on the point of why it's *IN*appropriate should a filmmaker choose to show a little P'n'V.