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Topic subjectshhhhh.....just keep it moving playa.
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183654, shhhhh.....just keep it moving playa.
Posted by housenegro, Mon May-22-06 02:27 PM
>>- yes, I read it and said "who gives a shit about all
>>so i erased it. but i didnt expect it to get anybody
>>angry...but just to piss you off even more, I'm going to be
>>working on "something" in the ATL this summer, and I might
>>doing some work for TV-ONE if shit falls through...please
>>respond with more of your anger...PLEASE!!!
>read my blog, homie.
>you studied films in school... i made them. and will continue
>to do so.

- muthafucka and I HAVENT!?!? I havent made a feature (yet), but I've put in the work. I've also done some voiceover work too...plus I'm under 25 years old...

>all i did was point out how irrelevant your supposed
>credentials are to the discussion. especially when your
>allegedly well-studied ass somehow managed to miss the huge
>wave of films featuring unsimulated sex from the early 1970s

- whose heard of these films though? and only a handful of them were made in the states, AND SOME OF THESE AMERICAN FILMS I HAVE SEEN, BUT I HAVEN'T SEEN THE DIRECTORS CUT MEANING THAT THEY WERE RELEASED WITH THE SEXUAL STIMULATION EDITED...I've seen sweetbacks badass song, AND IN THE CUT but the versions I saw didn't show any sexual stimulation...

>if you got an opinion, state it and defend it with pride.
>don't give us this spiel about your education and your
>favorite directors to try to lend some sort of false
>credibility to your opinion.

- said the man who hasn't even added one thing to the post other than to say what i had already stated about myself...30+ replies to this post yet nobody has given their opinions about whether they think these scenes are necessary...but I wish you luck man, do you and I will do me.