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Topic subject9 songs is pretty much an experimental film
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183611, 9 songs is pretty much an experimental film
Posted by Illgamesh, Mon May-22-06 12:49 PM
It's not the most interesting experiment, but it's certainly not meant to be palpitable to mainstream audiences. It's basically a loose narrative about a couple who is united by intense sex and indie rock music, and the sex is the focus of the film. I didn't particularly like it, but it was the most important part of the film.

El Topo, The Pillowbook, there are plenty of films that have unsimulated or extremely graphic sex that are extremely good films. I'm a fan of Richard Kern's short films, which are pretty graphic. I don't see any logical reason why cinema shouldn't show real sex, since it's arguably the most driving factor in the lives of a lot of people.