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Topic subjectand i should be jealous of you... why?
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183575, and i should be jealous of you... why?
Posted by AFKAP_of_Darkness, Mon May-22-06 11:32 AM
>- yes, I read it and said "who gives a shit about all that?"
>so i erased it. but i didnt expect it to get anybody
>angry...but just to piss you off even more, I'm going to be
>working on "something" in the ATL this summer, and I might be
>doing some work for TV-ONE if shit falls through...please
>respond with more of your anger...PLEASE!!!

read my blog, homie.

you studied films in school... i made them. and will continue to do so.

all i did was point out how irrelevant your supposed credentials are to the discussion. especially when your allegedly well-studied ass somehow managed to miss the huge wave of films featuring unsimulated sex from the early 1970s onwards.

if you got an opinion, state it and defend it with pride. don't give us this spiel about your education and your favorite directors to try to lend some sort of false credibility to your opinion.