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Topic subjectHardcore uncut sex scenes...in FILMS!?!?
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183555, Hardcore uncut sex scenes...in FILMS!?!?
Posted by housenegro, Mon May-22-06 12:58 PM
I just read about this film that was shown at CANNES called "shortbus" and in the film apparently they show all out uncut raw sex scenes. they compared the scenes in this movie to a scene in an older movie called "9 songs"...I was like "naaah no way" so i went and got the clip they were talking about and low and behold: they are performing oral sex on each other and even SHOWED actual penetration.

cmon people -I HOPE this isnt the new direction films are going in...and I hope this isn't what young filmmakers are considering the new "edgy" style of filmmaking...and how is having all out SEX on camera considered "ACTING"? Am I making a big deal out of nothing? somebody help me out...