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Topic subjecttell that to anyone that worked or STILL works downtown
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185477, tell that to anyone that worked or STILL works downtown
Posted by Justin_Maldonado_7, Sat May-27-06 12:19 PM
>besdies, we're talking about something that happened FIVE

i was working at 1 liberty plaza last year and to say that it was just 5 years ago, shows you have no clue as to how much 9/11 has affected NYC..

we still get our bags checked on the trains and they are now installing bomb sniffers at penn station..police will be walking around with these gadgets scanning people for biochemical weapons and bombs...

the threat of that shit happening again is something people in NYC live with everyday...reason being...there is next to nothing the govt can do to really prevent another terrorist attack...so in my opinion 5 years is way too soon....he is taking advantage of the fact that wtc is still fresh...to me its tasteless...

holocaust movies were made how many years after ?
pearl harbor was made how many years after ?
platoon and all those big nam movies..?
even the jamie fox persian gulf movie was made more than 10 years after and that war lasted only a few months...