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Topic subjectWhen you watch Ganhdi, do you get charged?
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165273, When you watch Ganhdi, do you get charged?
Posted by k_orr, Tue Mar-21-06 05:01 PM
I saw that Ben Kingsley epic as a youngster with my folks.
I'm pretty sure that's the only movie I've ever fallen asleep in.

k. orr

"Cause Everytime I step to the microphone I put my soul on 2 inch reels
That I don't even own"

165284, So...
Posted by Numba_33, Tue Mar-21-06 05:18 PM
you think peoples in here are gonna get the reference?
165288, I'm asking a film related question
Posted by k_orr, Tue Mar-21-06 05:20 PM
Whether they get it is kinda irrelevant.

k. orr
165320, ...golly gee whillickers! that's a reference to sumthin'? Hoodoggies!
Posted by FrankEinstein, Tue Mar-21-06 06:01 PM
...cuz ain't none of us hillbillies way up here in PTP is as learned as you might be in the ways of them thar 'rock and rolling' records you goofy kids insist on listenin to these here days.

Or 12 year old classic hip-hop joints.

Damn, man.

As to the post: I kinda wish I could say yes, but my answer is no, not really. But I've been meaning to watch it again cuz it's been a really long time and I'm curious as to how I'd feel about it nowadays.
165335, RE: ...golly gee whillickers! that's a reference to sumthin'? Hoodoggies!
Posted by the_one, Tue Mar-21-06 06:32 PM
that was funny. i'm sure alot of people catch that reference.....i hope.
165337, a'hyuck!
Posted by buckshot defunct, Tue Mar-21-06 06:38 PM

165755, great
Posted by Numba_33, Wed Mar-22-06 04:29 PM
165287, It makes me want to write in my book of rhymes past the margin
Posted by mrhood75, Tue Mar-21-06 05:20 PM
while sipping Don P, nonetheless.
165357, I always wondered about that
Posted by Marauder21, Tue Mar-21-06 07:37 PM
Like it's a 3 hour epic about Ghandi, not Scarface.
165372, Maybe the idea of using non-violence to oust a regime
Posted by k_orr, Tue Mar-21-06 08:26 PM
Is something that can get you excited...but watching the dramatization of which?

Can you get charged up off of watching Rosewood?
165402, maybe he meant 'recharged'
Posted by The Damaja, Tue Mar-21-06 09:48 PM
but, when i first saw the film i was amazed by the scenes of non-violent protest
especially the one where they figure out horses won't trod on lying bodies
it's inspiring to think the intellect prevails in those situations
to someone who doesn't know the story of ghandi already i think it could get you 'charged'
165433, maybe he meant "broze"
Posted by Mosaic, Tue Mar-21-06 10:40 PM
165590, hahaha
Posted by IkeMoses, Wed Mar-22-06 03:51 AM


i'm black and proud, i'm black and loud
i'm black and high
and it really mean the world to me
if i live my life, stay black, and die
167016, lmao
Posted by Mgmt, Mon Mar-27-06 01:48 AM
167301, ZING!
Posted by Frank Longo, Mon Mar-27-06 07:53 PM
167318, i embrace y'all with napalm.
Posted by The Damaja, Mon Mar-27-06 08:46 PM
eh, you're easily amused
165408, Gandhi made me fall asleep big time. Tootsie got ROBBED.
Posted by Frank Longo, Tue Mar-21-06 10:04 PM
165574, Ghandi has been effectively neutralized at this point
Posted by Mynoriti, Wed Mar-22-06 01:47 AM
I don't spend alot of time worrying about Ghandi

(anyone see that Daily Show ep last week?)
165591, no, but i got amped up when they locked the champ up.
Posted by IkeMoses, Wed Mar-22-06 03:53 AM


i'm black and proud, i'm black and loud
i'm black and high
and it really mean the world to me
if i live my life, stay black, and die
166370, Damn late pass
Posted by jigga, Fri Mar-24-06 12:41 PM
Just now got the reference
165692, I get charged reading Mountains Beyond Mountains
Posted by janey, Wed Mar-22-06 01:07 PM
Paul Farmer's biography. It makes me think that one person CAN change the world.
165874, I want to be Paul Farmer when I finally get this MD
Posted by JungleSouljah, Thu Mar-23-06 12:56 AM
I need to read that book.
166023, It's really engaging
Posted by janey, Thu Mar-23-06 01:28 PM
it'll grab you and not let you go until you finish. I want you to be Paul Farmer, too. I want there to be more Paul Farmers in this world.
165699, I do
Posted by johnny_domino, Wed Mar-22-06 01:30 PM
I hang onto that movie for so long, even with that new Blockbuster "no late fees" nonsense, I still wind up getting charged. I guess I should just buy a copy, but this way is all I know.
165711, Fuck all that, I'm out for dead fuckin' presidents to represent me.
Posted by ZooTown74, Wed Mar-22-06 01:52 PM
And E.T. got robbed that year.
Tubbs, get in the car!

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165719, This post=understandable smooth shit that murderers move with
Posted by Marauder21, Wed Mar-22-06 02:16 PM
165731, I always have the urge for a hamburger while watchin it
Posted by lyricistfan, Wed Mar-22-06 02:47 PM
165754, no, but I do watch it Baked
Posted by MikeLove, Wed Mar-22-06 04:26 PM
166410, For a whole week in your apt?
Posted by Omar_Medina, Fri Mar-24-06 04:02 PM
I've never seen this flick tho
*adds to q*
166499, I always feel bad
Posted by Marauder21, Sat Mar-25-06 01:40 AM
Because I always get hungry and poor Ghandi can't eat anything.
165766, mother fuck him and john wayne
Posted by buildingblock, Wed Mar-22-06 04:56 PM
he was a racist
he disliked black people
go figure
i never saw the movie though
165780, I wonder if King knew that before he started borrowing?
Posted by k_orr, Wed Mar-22-06 05:59 PM
167438, its in the book 'behind the mask of divinity'
Posted by GumDrops, Tue Mar-28-06 05:35 AM
in that book the author puts forward evidence to imply that gandhi thought he was above black south africans. and going from the quotes in gandhis writings, it doesnt make him look too good. the tone suggests that he thinks himself above the black prisoners he was stuck with. but to be fair, the person he was in south africa isnt the same person he was decades later. i dont know for definite if he changed his views on black people but he did become more wise and open minded/enlightened in his old age (as did say, malcom x) and theres some quotes here offering some counter evidence that the guy writing the book conveniently overlooked:

“ England has got successful competitors in America, Japan, France, Germany. It has competitors in the handful of mills in India, and as there has been an awakening in India, even so there will be an awakening in South Africa with its vastly richer resources -- natural , mineral and human. The mighty English look quite pigmies before the mighty races of Africa. They are noble savages after all, you will say. They are certainly noble, but no savages and in the course of a few years the Western nations may cease to find in Africa a dumping ground for their wares.”
Gandhi, speaking at Oxford, October 24, 1931 (CWMG , Volume 48, p.225).

“You, on the other hand, are the sons of the soil who are being robbed of your inheritance. You are bound to resist that. Yours is a far bigger issue.” Gandhi to Rev S.S. Tema , member of the African Congress, January 1, 1939 (CWMG, Volume 68, pp 272-273.)

A deputation from South Africa led by Sorabji Rustomji came to India in 1946 (CWMG, Vol 83, pp 352-354). It was protesting against racial legislation in South Africa. A member of the delegation asked Gandhi: “You have said we should associate with Zulus and Bantus. Does it not mean joining them in a common anti-white front? “ Gandhi replied: “Yes, I have said that we should associate with the Zulus, Bantus, etc….It will be good if you can fire them with the spirit of non-violence”. (CWMG, Vol 83, p 353). Gandhi remarked of the deputationists’ cause on May 27, 1946 : “The cause is the cause of the honour of India and through her of all the exploited coloured races of the earth, whether they be brown, yellow or black. It is worth all the suffering of which they are capable”. (CWMG, Vol 84, p. 215).

Gandhi remained in contact also with leading American Black personalities like W E B Dubois. He wrote in Young India on October 14, 1926 about the “injustice that is being daily perpetrated against the Negro in the United States of America in the name of and for the sake of maintaining white superiority.”

theres some interesting comments about it here (its where i got the above quotes from)-
you can make up your own mind
165878, how objective of you.
Posted by shockzilla, Thu Mar-23-06 01:06 AM
165933, atleast he wasn't citing Scarface like every other rapper
Posted by Wordman, Thu Mar-23-06 10:39 AM

"Your current frequencies of understanding outweigh that which has been given for you to understand." Saul Williams
165984, RE: atleast he wasn't citing Scarface like every other rapper
Posted by Unity777, Thu Mar-23-06 12:44 PM
Ummm, "The World is Yours"?

Plus, did you see the video? Or the movie?
166392, Ghandi epitomizes the afrocentric asian
Posted by jigga, Fri Mar-24-06 02:15 PM
1/2 man 1/2 amazin
166450, This post has been poisoned with all these Nas lyrics
Posted by Bo_De_Ga, Fri Mar-24-06 07:11 PM

HA, made you look
166451, Well played.
Posted by Ryan M, Fri Mar-24-06 07:16 PM
166844, lol
Posted by fif, Sun Mar-26-06 07:16 PM
166849, 99% of people have spelt GANDHI wrong in this post...
Posted by that girl, Sun Mar-26-06 07:24 PM
i'm Indian, i'm touchy ok?

secondly, that movie is friggen boring as shit. i'm sorry.
i never got that line, why would that movie get you charged.
167011, ^^^Damn look there goes a indian girl lost
Posted by kwez, Mon Mar-27-06 01:34 AM
167497, She's thinks of Ghan, when she's in a New Delhi State of Mind
Posted by jigga, Tue Mar-28-06 01:00 PM
167834, up
Posted by GumDrops, Wed Mar-29-06 08:05 AM