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Topic subjectThis poll & comparison isn't fair to Scarface
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163300, This poll & comparison isn't fair to Scarface
Posted by CMcMurtry, Thu Mar-16-06 02:08 AM
It's like comparing a Quizno's sandwich to a steak. The Quiznos tastes good, but the steak is on a whole nother level.

Goodfellas is one of the greatest movies of all-time. If your top five list from the 90's doesn't have it, I immediately think you're a bit of a moron. Scarface is just an enjoyable flick that, though flawed, I like a lot.

Plus, asking this question here is just silly. PTP is known for it's Scarface hating, and I still maintain that most of that is reactionary, to the whole "Scarface is the best film of all-time" mentality that has come from contemporary hip hop.