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Topic subjectI Wouldn't, Cause Face It - Scarface Isn't That Good.....
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163101, I Wouldn't, Cause Face It - Scarface Isn't That Good.....
Posted by WarriorPoet415, Wed Mar-15-06 04:11 PM
I mean, it's not a bad movie.

To me it's a just an intriguing gangsta movie with a striking performance by Al Pacino.

It's had a huge impact pop-culture wise and especially hip-hop wise. I think that's fooled people into thinkin' it's one of the best gangster epics ever made, worthy of being mentioned with the Goodfellas and Godfather's of cinema- but it's not.

It's above-average, but in terms of being in pantheon of greatest gangster movies made, on a good day it barely slips in, but most days, it's on the outside looking in.

And just a note set/costume design-wise, it's aged horribly.


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