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Topic subjectit is a very interesting topic
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165786, it is a very interesting topic
Posted by johnny_domino, Wed Mar-22-06 06:12 PM
On the one hand, I like to broaden my horizons, and the fact that my tastes for all types of art skew so heavily male raises some unpleasant questions. On the other, I don't like to politicize how I spend my free time so heavily that I have difficulty enjoying the art that I really enjoy (or spend a lot of time with artistic works that I don't especially enjoy, just to feel better about my innate gender biases). And beyond just that, some of the art by women that I try just for the sake of being less biased towards men, I would probably enjoy more if I came upon it organically, instead of trying to make myself "eat my vegetables", so to speak. Luckily there are enough women writers at this point who I do enjoy that I feel okay about my taste in books, even if I do tend to go 80/20. Music and movies, I don't even think about much right now, it would be a truly mammoth undertaking (and how many female non-romantic comedy directors are there, anyway?)