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Topic subjectYou SAW the previews right?
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154336, You SAW the previews right?
Posted by Big Chief Rumbletummy, Mon Feb-20-06 02:10 PM

If you saw the trailer for that movie, then went ahead and spent money on it, we need to talk.

You saw how they had someone dressed up like Napoleon Dynamite, speaking in his voice, and then tripping as he ran away right? You saw how they had a cat use a toilet like in Meet The Parents right? You saw that they had a girl in a fat suit like Gwyneth Paltrow in Shallow Hal and she did something like farted or fell over or farted while falling over or farted over a fall or something right? You saw that the movie was centered around the ugly awkward red-haired who will only forever be know for saying that one time...at band camp...she stuck a flute in her pussy...SPECIFICALLY BECAUSE she's known for saying that one time...at band camp...she stuck a flute in her pussy, right?

Because I saw all that shit when I saw the trailer for the movie.

And I am still trying to shake the images from my mind.

If you saw all that shit like I did, and yet you STILL went to see it, PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE next time you want to go see a funny movie, just send me $20 and I'll just randomly say shit like: umm...one time...at band camp...I stuck a flute in my pussy. With a frickin 12 gauge what the heck ya think? **farts** **farts again all fat girl like** Focker. Gaylord Focker. Gaylord. Whatchoo talking about Willis? Yo quiero Taco Bell! Can you hear me now?

See what I did there? I typed a bunch of different pop culture references that you're familiar with!! That's funny to you!! Because you know where the references come from!! Stuff is funnier when its repeated!! I know you're probably laughing hysterically right now and can't see straight to reply properly so its cool, the first taste is a freebie.