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Topic subjectDATE MOVIE- Who makes these parodies?
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153847, DATE MOVIE- Who makes these parodies?
Posted by Frank Longo, Sun Feb-19-06 12:59 AM
So I saw Date Movie with the lady. That's right, the shitty-looking one by 2 of the 6 writers of Scary Movie. So sue me, I like parodies, and it had a decent looking cast (Fred Willard, Jennifer Coolidge, Eddie Griffin, and that blond chick that's smoking hot).

God, was I in for a surprise. A horribly unfunny terrible awful surprise.

This movie was literally a marketer's delight. It has something for every single audience. Every single one. It's a trailer of short parodies of things that will span across every gender and race to appeal to them.

I swear to God there are so many parodies of every imaginable genre that there is a parody of RIZE in this film. Yes, you heard me. There is at least a 30-45 second clip of Alyson Hannigan krumping as Tony Cox mugs for the camera saying "DAMN! THIS BITCH CAN KRUMP!"

Seriously. An extended joke about Rize.

I guess this leads me to my next point, where the film was so incredibly lame and square, yet it tried so, so, SO hard to appeal to a "black audience."

Many jokes about white people saying hilarious things like the words "pimp" "biatch" and "smack a hoe." Laughing yet?

Tony Cox dresses like Xzibit, and in order to make a fat-suited Alyson Hannigan skinny, they "pimp her out" in an excruciatingly long Pimp my Ride parody. Laughing yet?

A cameo by Lil Jon who shows up as a parody within a parody within a parody saying "YEAH! WHAT? OKAY!" while singing Say a Little Prayer For You. Laughing yet?

A British guy romantically reads the lyrics to 50 Cent's Candy Shop as poetry. Laughing yet?

I mean, did I mention that the movie parodies RIZE? This parody is trying so hard that it parodies things that didn't even make an enormous impact at the box office. Even worse: There's a good 5 minutes spent parodying Paris Hilton's Hardee's commercial (or whatever the burger joint she was promoting was). 5 minutes of a 90 minute movie spent dwelling on a commercial that rarely aired and didn't really cause much of a buzz. I guess they were trying to appeal to the internet audience in addition to those of us who don't search the web. More brilliant marketing plans from the people who brought us Date Movie!

Basically, this movie sucks. It can't decide if it's a grossout film, or a smart film. It can't decide what type of audiences it wants, so it disjointedly throws in jokes and parodies to appeal to literally every type of moviegoer. I guess they thought if they did that, they'd have a series of trailers that they can show before different films before different audiences.

Wanna know REALLY how bad it is? There's a scene that made me go "What the fuck?" where, as a happy love song plays, Alyson Hannigan says "You make me want to bumfight." The blonde British guy says "Me too!" Then they find a nearby bum and beat on him for like 15 seconds. This is a gag that some middle school kid wrote in a skit he had to write for English class in an attempt to be subversive, funny, and cool. Just like that kid in class, this movie comes off as none of the three.
153854, Here's what I really want to know
Posted by YardBird33, Sat Feb-18-06 04:50 PM
At what point did the other 4 writers of Scary Movie take a peek at this script and say, "dawg, this is horseshit, take my name off of it post-haste!"

Peace-Like Stylee,

"Nobody light-skinned reppin' harder since Ice-T"

"You're fucking up the vibe right now. Be less OKP." - Dr Strangelove

"Get an axe. Axes fix everything."
153858, Agreed
Posted by Cram, Sat Feb-18-06 04:57 PM
This movie died hard.Such an Extremely poor measure of intelligence if there is at all. Bland, predictable comedy. Whew.
153874, They didn't write Scary Movie together
Posted by SoulHonky, Sat Feb-18-06 05:40 PM
The two guys who wrote this film had a Scary Movie type script while the Wayans and their two friends had a horror spoof as well. Afraid of the competing movies, the studio (who had the Wayans script) also got the other script and they basically put the two together.

The script for Scary Movie is actually a combination of two scripts Dimension Films bought in 1998: "Last Summer I Screamed Because Halloween Fell On Friday The 13th" written by the Wayans brothers and Phil Beauman; and "Scream If You Know What I Did Last Halloween" by Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer. The latter was the working title for this project.

So basically, now you know that all the funny shit in the film was from the Wayans'.
153895, RE: They didn't write Scary Movie together
Posted by hype_phb, Sat Feb-18-06 07:42 PM
>So basically, now you know that all the funny shit in the film
>was from the Wayans'.

I believe a little movie called "White Chicks" would disprove this hypothesis.
153896, RE: They didn't write Scary Movie together
Posted by hype_phb, Sat Feb-18-06 07:43 PM
>So basically, now you know that all the funny shit in the film
>was from the Wayans'.

I believe a little movie called "White Chicks" would disprove this hypothesis.
153856, You have nobody to blame but yourself Frank. That looks awful.
Posted by bignick, Sat Feb-18-06 04:52 PM
153876, Seriously...
Posted by SoulHonky, Sat Feb-18-06 05:47 PM
He needs an intervention because every week its another "Well, I watched this terrible movie which I should have known was going to be terrible but good golly it was, yes indeed, terrible." post. It's like he goes out to eat, looks at the menu, decides on the shitpuke sandwich and then is astounded at how bad it tastes.
153952, Deleted message
Posted by Rubbert Kolly, Sun Feb-19-06 12:59 AM
No message
153953, I thought at best it could be a really dumb movie.
Posted by Frank Longo, Sun Feb-19-06 01:00 AM
Instead, it was actively intelligent at capturing the unfunniest option possible.

I just need to stop hoping "Well, maybe Fred Willard will give it a couple of minutes of humor." Cuz him and Eugene Levy clearly just don't give a shit anymore.
154003, Dude I could make a movie in my backyard with a camcorder
Posted by Adwhizz, Sun Feb-19-06 11:00 AM
About me wrestling a god for 90 minutes and I could get Eugene Levy to be in it
154025, i don't blame Fred or Eugene
Posted by bignick, Sun Feb-19-06 12:12 PM
they were both fortunate enough to have a career resurgence and they're cashing in...big time. good for them.
154061, Oh I don't blame their decisions to be in these films...not at all.
Posted by Frank Longo, Sun Feb-19-06 03:13 PM
I just used to think every film with them in it would have some redeeming quality for me. I think I should've started reconsidering that thought a year or so ago.
153857, Did you at least get rewarded??
Posted by Ceej, Sat Feb-18-06 04:57 PM
sounds like an awful friday night.
153860, damn. i just lol'd at the idea of willow krumping.
Posted by ororo_munroe, Sat Feb-18-06 04:58 PM
i know...
i should probably go kill myself now.

but for some reason, imagining it for, like, five seconds is funny.

i'm sure the movie is just as horrific as you say it is.
153861, Yeah, it looks pretty unfunny
Posted by KangolLove, Sat Feb-18-06 04:59 PM
Even the most decent of those parody movies lose all their comedic value after the first watch.

They are the cinematic equation of the rap album skit.
153882, I meant to say equivalent...equation haha
Posted by KangolLove, Sat Feb-18-06 06:21 PM

>They are the cinematic equation of the rap album skit.
153867, Reminds me of Scary Movie 3.
Posted by Ryan M, Sat Feb-18-06 05:30 PM
Me and my girlfriend went to see that. Why? Because we thought it COULD be funny after some drinks at the bar a block away. So we got some alcohol in us, and sat STONEFACED through the thing. When they can't make you laugh when you're tipsy, forget about it. So we went into the next theater to see Mystic River once SM3 ended.

Date Movie looks awful...and I can't believe such things get greenlit.
153919, I saw about 5 minutes of that one
Posted by DrNO, Sat Feb-18-06 10:01 PM
I felt really bad for Anna Faris, the star of Scary Movie 4.
153870, Horrible Horrible Movie
Posted by JiggysMyDayJob, Sat Feb-18-06 05:35 PM
THe only one good thing about that movie is it had an ending. Poor Eddie Griffin... Is this what happens to black comedians after they no longer appeal to the black masses? It was sad however, The meet the parents part witht he cat was ok. But overall I wasted 20 bucks on that movie
153877, more importantly: who WATCHES them?
Posted by AFKAP_of_Darkness, Sat Feb-18-06 05:47 PM

....oh. you do.
153932, i was guna say
Posted by araQual, Sat Feb-18-06 11:22 PM
153880, Thanks. I was planning on seeing it but now i'm definitely not
Posted by amplifya, Sat Feb-18-06 05:56 PM
153898, you wanna tell me that you needed Longo to tell you this film was wack?
Posted by AFKAP_of_Darkness, Sat Feb-18-06 07:52 PM
the trailers weren't enough to convince you?
153902, Nah, it obviously looked like a stupid/silly type of movie
Posted by amplifya, Sat Feb-18-06 08:19 PM
but I like those i dont expect anything artistic out of it just to laugh at, but the type of humor of it from his post made it sound stupid and not slapstick/silly humor. i wouldnt pay for it i would have downloaded or rented it but now i dont wana watch it at all
153907, the jokes looked really lame and sophomoric in the previews
Posted by AFKAP_of_Darkness, Sat Feb-18-06 09:11 PM
that whole J-Lo shit was so tired, and a couple of years out of date

and the "do i look like Will Smith to you?" Hitch thing was probably worse... you know a joke is bad when they're parodying another film and they have to point of what they're supposed to be parodying

the Napoleon Dynamite thing? *groans* i don't even wanna think about how half-ass that looked. right now i can walk into a bunch of bars and find you random drunk white girls who could do a better Napoleon impression.
153908, I'm sorry, did someone say random drunk white girls?
Posted by Rjcc, Sat Feb-18-06 09:20 PM
I jumped over three freestyle posts to get into this one


YOU'VE READ MY FILE NIGGA (c) Jack 'Mufuckin' Bauer

http://rjcc.stumbleupon.com - what I'm looking at

www.hdbeat.com - the other stuff i'm looking at
153903, my friend is in this thing
Posted by colonelk, Sat Feb-18-06 08:29 PM
He needs a better agent.
153921, 9 out 10 actors in this town would kill to be in that movie.
Posted by bignick, Sat Feb-18-06 10:03 PM
153923, ouch
Posted by DrNO, Sat Feb-18-06 10:05 PM
And the star of the movie is on MadTV and manages to be even less funny than his un-funny SNL cast member brother.
153928, you're saying Seth Meyers is unfunny?
Posted by AFKAP_of_Darkness, Sat Feb-18-06 10:41 PM
stop that.
154010, yeah seriously, stop that right now
Posted by johnny_domino, Sun Feb-19-06 11:27 AM
153943, I read this post and STILL went to go see it
Posted by Adwhizz, Sun Feb-19-06 12:19 AM
that's not true actually we were supposed to see a comedian but it was sold out, so I got drug to that.

Now that I think about it My friends are constantly dragging me to sub par movies
154011, get new friends
Posted by johnny_domino, Sun Feb-19-06 11:27 AM
153944, I wanted to throw up at this movie.....
Posted by Allah, Sun Feb-19-06 12:19 AM
154001, Although I was pleasently surprised to hear the Preceptionists
Posted by Adwhizz, Sun Feb-19-06 10:58 AM
in this movie
154035, Yeah, I killed time watching like the last hour of Date Movie
Posted by Marauder21, Sun Feb-19-06 01:06 PM
That Paris Hilton shit was just too much. A parody of a commercial that's more well-known for NOT airing? Come the fuck on. It's like in Scary Movie 2 when they parodied the Nike "Freestyle" commercial (remember that one?). I saw that in the theatre and was like, "People are going to forget what this commercial was by the time it hits video stores."

An Along Came Polly parody? I understand spoofing Meet The Parents, Kill Bill, Say Anything, etc. But Along Came Polly? Is that needed? Is that what's hot in the streets?
154104, wasnt that bad, the mr and mrs smith part was funny
Posted by Ice Kareem, Sun Feb-19-06 05:29 PM
154106, So they stole a joke?
Posted by rorschach, Sun Feb-19-06 06:04 PM
Haven't seen it, but the part where you mentioned an English guy reading 50 cent lyrics came straight from a stand up I saw on Comicview a month or so ago.

That's pitiful. I bet the English guy even pronounced G-Unit as Gunit like the comedian did on Comicview.

Damn, if your movie is going to be written by two of the six writers of Scary Movie, at least let one of those two be a Wayans brother.
154108, Shit, Tristam Shandy is sort of a parody. Go see that.
Posted by Bridgetown, Sun Feb-19-06 06:09 PM
Unless you're still on this visual masochism thing.

154336, You SAW the previews right?
Posted by Big Chief Rumbletummy, Mon Feb-20-06 02:10 PM

If you saw the trailer for that movie, then went ahead and spent money on it, we need to talk.

You saw how they had someone dressed up like Napoleon Dynamite, speaking in his voice, and then tripping as he ran away right? You saw how they had a cat use a toilet like in Meet The Parents right? You saw that they had a girl in a fat suit like Gwyneth Paltrow in Shallow Hal and she did something like farted or fell over or farted while falling over or farted over a fall or something right? You saw that the movie was centered around the ugly awkward red-haired who will only forever be know for saying that one time...at band camp...she stuck a flute in her pussy...SPECIFICALLY BECAUSE she's known for saying that one time...at band camp...she stuck a flute in her pussy, right?

Because I saw all that shit when I saw the trailer for the movie.

And I am still trying to shake the images from my mind.

If you saw all that shit like I did, and yet you STILL went to see it, PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE next time you want to go see a funny movie, just send me $20 and I'll just randomly say shit like: umm...one time...at band camp...I stuck a flute in my pussy. With a frickin 12 gauge what the heck ya think? **farts** **farts again all fat girl like** Focker. Gaylord Focker. Gaylord. Whatchoo talking about Willis? Yo quiero Taco Bell! Can you hear me now?

See what I did there? I typed a bunch of different pop culture references that you're familiar with!! That's funny to you!! Because you know where the references come from!! Stuff is funnier when its repeated!! I know you're probably laughing hysterically right now and can't see straight to reply properly so its cool, the first taste is a freebie.