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Topic subjectyup, hands down his best moment ever
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154930, yup, hands down his best moment ever
Posted by LA2Philly, Wed Feb-22-06 12:59 AM
Like he just polished off a burrito from la taqueria on saticoy and topanga but his ass-cheeks are stitched together and then that calm comes over him like hes found that zone......its too hilarious. I stay watching that scene on the DVD.

However, bloodsport has some of the greatest moments ever, bar none. Everything from the chants of strawberry, to the little monkey man, to the balls punch, to the 'OK USA!' to the 'DUX, you my man!', to the janitor and the gold tooth saga, to the queer moments in the hospital esp after he gets the bandana back, to Van Damme seeing Chong Li on the train mirror (freakiest moment ever in a kung-fu flick), to his master trying to freaking karate chop a blind kid at the dinner table, to stretching Van Damme out on that rope/bamboo stick contraption and realistically tearing everything in his legs and arms, to the compound fracture, to Van Damme's kick to the ribs battle, to the hong kong police only using 3 officers to try to take him downin the alley but MOST importantly other the aforementioned blind constipation, the soundtrack is ridiculously ridiculous.

Nearly perfection.