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153984, lol
Posted by ZioN, Sun Feb-19-06 06:06 AM
>You know whats funny though? In so many of his movies, they
>seem to make a point in showing his a$$? Like im supposed to
>be impressed or sumthin. Remember in time cop when he jumps up
>on the counter and does a split? I always felt like 20%
>percent gay watchin that s***.

i think there's some site out there dedicated to this very thing. apparently in most of his 'classic' movies he does the splits at some stage. lol. on the site i think they rate each version of the splits he does and rates the situation he's in when he does it etc.

the casting of street fighter....is truly inspirational
raul julia was a nut case!

edit: i was just pissed they didn't put dalsim (sp.) in there somewhere. i would have enjoyed seeing how badly they did his arms in cg. lol