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Topic subjectSeriously, In Living Color was a pretty bad show.
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149086, Seriously, In Living Color was a pretty bad show.
Posted by Ryan M, Sun Feb-05-06 06:10 AM
Watching that marathon the other day (I've been watching it over the week cause I DVR'd a bunch of em), I realized this.

Now, it has it's moments. The Dirty Dozens, Wanda, Homie The Clown (for the most part), Arsenio, and so on are all good sketches. The musical guests were great (Public Enemy, 3rd Bass, Tribe, and so on). But damn I had such a romanticized view of the show from when I was a kid.

I thought that was just from the first season when I got the DVD and I was like, "Uh, that was kinda weak". But the show was pretty lame throughout. Here's why:

- David Allen Grier: NOT FUNNY. Well, sometimes he's alright. Same with Tommy Davidson. On the whole - NOT FUNNY.


- When Damon Wayans and Jim Carrey aren't on, usually the sketch isn't so good.

There's other reasons, but these are the ones of note. I know that obviously the material is dated, but I can't hold that against the show of course. I mean, I think Chappelle's Show will hold up 10 years from now. SNL certainly does.

Sidenote - early 1990's fashion was awful. I knew that already, but wow. I'd forgotten most of it.

Another sidenote - the Spike's Joint sketch was HILARIOUS. But it didn't seem like anyone got it in the audience. Didn't people watch Do The Right Thing?