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Topic subjecti agree, but you're on the wrong site for this rant....
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149159, i agree, but you're on the wrong site for this rant....
Posted by Torez, Sun Feb-05-06 02:42 PM
most folks on here don't relate to
the 'regular black folks' you're talking
about, and give tacit acceptance to the
'superbeautiful' style black movies.
for them, fake hypersucceful black moveis
are better, because they come the closest
to validating their middle class experience.

the best 'regular black folks' movie i've
seen lately was ANTWONE FISHER, which almost
everybody black liked. the 'problem' is that
it made no attempt to market itself along
class lines, instead being content to just
be a good movie.

folks watched it, enjoyed it and k.i.m.,
never realizing that they'd just watched
a regular black movie about regular black
folks living their lives and helping folks
along the way.

<--- blowin' up the spot like
old ass plus skunk meat... (c) doom

* all comments made about women apply to the formerly single TOREZ only