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148876, it's true
Posted by jahlove7, Fri Feb-03-06 08:27 PM
>My point stands. This isn't a problem with black audiences.
>That's what I was trying to convey. People seemed like they
>were picking on black audiences for overlooking movies like
>Fresh when, in reality, similar movies fair as poorly if not

agreed. but there's a reason for it. not that the movie audience just doesn't like those films.

>Although I stand by my comment that movies like Big Momma's
>House 2 will usually do better than films like Munich,
>regardless of promotion.

so true. but your "big mommas house 2" comedies, action and adventure flicks have much larger budgets, so there's more at stake. that's why their companies go all out to promote them. films on everyday people on the other hand, usually have much smaller budgets so they don't get as much love in the promotion department. also, most of the producers and directors in those flicks are usually unknown by the general movie audience. it's why a flick like "eve's bayou" can be a great flick, but people are reluctant to check it because they don't know who the director is. throw in the fact that it's poorly promoted and it's almost guaranteed that it won't do well at the box office.