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Topic subjectIt's just entertainment
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148743, It's just entertainment
Posted by SienaBlaze, Fri Feb-03-06 12:26 PM

>I'm so sick of these "look at all these black people...so
>successful" ass movies! We're not all successful, we're broke,
>goin to school, raising kids, marrying and divorcing! I know
>we want to escape but not in EVERY damn movie about us. The
>movies about poor or regular people likin the last 10 years
>are usually cooning comedy or just shitty movies. Eff that
>shit why can't we have regular everyday people in a movie!

I'm broke, goin to school and I don't have my own family but I do help my mother out. I don't need to pay $10.00 to have the same situation mirrored back at me.

Being broke, going to school, marrying...etc. are not conditions exclusive to black people. In my office we have broke white people, broke spanish people and even a broke asian. We also have other adult learners with children that attend college (I work for Stony Brook University Hospital so there are a lot of college students).

Bottom line its just a movie. I would rather see rich black folks in the screen than I don't know a movie like State Property. Now I'm not saying I never want to see poor people on screen, I'm saying I don't want them to act like fools.

Siena Blaze