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Topic subject"Successful Black People" movie rant
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148688, "Successful Black People" movie rant
Posted by serena_love, Fri Feb-03-06 10:02 AM
With another release of a "look-at-the-successful-black-people" movie in 'Something New' I'm itching for a rant.

I'm so sick of these "look at all these black people...so successful" ass movies! We're not all successful, we're broke, goin to school, raising kids, marrying and divorcing! I know we want to escape but not in EVERY damn movie about us. The movies about poor or regular people likin the last 10 years are usually cooning comedy or just shitty movies. Eff that shit why can't we have regular everyday people in a movie!

I will admit there are alot of exceptions but it doesn't seem like any in the last 15 years. Ever since 'Soul Food', everything has been soul food! Successful black people living their lives! With the same damn actors over and over! How many times have Sanaa and Gabrielle played the "successful black woman" how many times has Morris and Blair played the "successful black man"? Typecasting us as something more positive is still TYPECASTING!

I just want a representative of real black people. There's no way in hell you and all your successful friends/sisters are EXCEEDINGLY georgous. One will be thick/fat now come on. One will have a bunch of kids. One will have a husband thats no good. One will have a bangin job, and one might work at mcdonalds. Let's get some reality into our movies!

Want an example? Love Jones. Nina wasn't even living in her own house, even though that joint was bangin. Larenz a struggling writer, Nia a struggling photographer. They didn't drive benz's they were on a motorcycle. Their friends had a multitude of jobs and none of them was ballin like these movies show. Why can't we be ordinary people ala John Legend?