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Topic subjectDie Hard With a Vengence...G.A.M.O.A.T.?
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138307, Die Hard With a Vengence...G.A.M.O.A.T.?
Posted by housenegro, Sat Jan-07-06 04:15 PM
Greatest Action Movie of All Time? absolutely.

1) excellent story - was originally suppose 2 be a seperate movie altogether called Simon Says about a cop who pissed off some mystery man and has to go around NYC and defuse these bombs before they go off. so its really TWO movies in one.

2) Easily the three best action car (is that a term?) sequences in the past decade shot on film. When john mclane drives through the park, the whole dump truck in the tunnel scene, and the car shootout scene in the rain. classic shit.

3) the chemistry between jackson and willis was better than Gibson and Glover IMO.

4) the only downfall was the ending...it was weak.