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Topic subjectRE: Your top 5 superhero movies
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136861, RE: Your top 5 superhero movies
Posted by jigga, Tue Jan-03-06 05:16 PM
>I'll comment on this:
>>As was stated below one of its better aspects is that it
>>embraces its Superhero origins, even updating them for our
>>modern scientific understanding and curiosity, and its done
>>AFTER characters have been established.>>>
>and this:
>>The computer equipment, the lab set-upand ESPECIALLY the huge
>thing >Bruce is tied up in front of at the end are classic
>Marvel >illustrator visuals. I appreciated that stuff as a
>comic-book fan >and I'm mad more of these films' directors
>don't embrace that look >instead of imposing their own look to
>the films.>>>
>As I covered below, I relaly enjoyed the comic book elements.
>Mostly because it was handled with respect. Usually in these
>comic movies there's a need to have scenes where they make fun
>of those elements since, and it comes off as by nature of
>being a movie its superior to the comic. I mean look at the
>first X-Men and the "yellow spandex" line. At the end of the
>day you're still doing a film about impossibly random
>mutations, and riding on the popularity of quite possibly the
>least developed X-character simply because he falls into
>"badass" category.
>I thought Spider-Man was a step in the right direction when it
>came to respect for the source material. They weren't afraid
>to use the costume, kept it as close to the source as need be,
>But what I loved about the Hulk movie was that they fully
>embraced the comic roots like you've illustrated, but at the
>same time provided a thoughtful story that was obviously
>geared for the older elements of fandom. Dramatically
>speaking, there's little difference between the way Hulk
>handled the pathos and how Batman Begins did.
>And to end it, the shot of Hulk being dragged through the sky
>and leaving after images on the clouds was just beautiful.

As was the music that was playing during this scence & in the rest of the movie. Bana was perfect. It had a great comic book feel 2 it & the CGI was really impressive 4 the most part. A few scenes were just way 2 dark & it was hard 2 see what was goin on.