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Topic subjectRE: Your top 5 superhero movies
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136246, RE: Your top 5 superhero movies
Posted by Brother_Afron, Sun Jan-01-06 09:17 PM
I'll comment on this:

>As was stated below one of its better aspects is that it
>embraces its Superhero origins, even updating them for our
>modern scientific understanding and curiosity, and its done
>AFTER characters have been established.>>>

and this:

>The computer equipment, the lab set-upand ESPECIALLY the huge thing >Bruce is tied up in front of at the end are classic Marvel >illustrator visuals. I appreciated that stuff as a comic-book fan >and I'm mad more of these films' directors don't embrace that look >instead of imposing their own look to the films.>>>

As I covered below, I relaly enjoyed the comic book elements. Mostly because it was handled with respect. Usually in these comic movies there's a need to have scenes where they make fun of those elements since, and it comes off as by nature of being a movie its superior to the comic. I mean look at the first X-Men and the "yellow spandex" line. At the end of the day you're still doing a film about impossibly random mutations, and riding on the popularity of quite possibly the least developed X-character simply because he falls into "badass" category.

I thought Spider-Man was a step in the right direction when it came to respect for the source material. They weren't afraid to use the costume, kept it as close to the source as need be, etc.

But what I loved about the Hulk movie was that they fully embraced the comic roots like you've illustrated, but at the same time provided a thoughtful story that was obviously geared for the older elements of fandom. Dramatically speaking, there's little difference between the way Hulk handled the pathos and how Batman Begins did.

And to end it, the shot of Hulk being dragged through the sky and leaving after images on the clouds was just beautiful.