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Posted by Cork, Sun Jan-01-06 07:52 PM

I'm a fan of every Ang Lee movie I've watched with the exception of The Ice Storm and I'm a fan of the man because he's always doing something totally different. HULK, for me, is only slightly behind CTHD as his best work.

As was stated below one of its better aspects is that it embraces its Superhero origins, even updating them for our modern scientific understanding and curiosity, and its done AFTER characters have been established. We get to see how he "becomes" HULK by realizing that HULK is just a smuch a part of him as anything else. I think that exploration was genius. I also loved what Lee did, which I've yet to see done as well in any other comic-book adapted film, he reminded us of its CB origins with scene selection, set design, and editing tricks. There are a couple of sequences in HULK in which he have 3 to 4 panels of action occupying space at the same time on the screen. You have to follow them from panel to panel as you would if you were reading the story in a mag. There's also this "look" to a lot of the lab and military equipment that just SCREAMS comic-book. Like how things that are not tech-related in the underground military base are painted a bright yellow and blue, just like they'r be illustrated - nothing muted or soft. The computer equipment, the lab set-up and ESPECIALLY the huge thing Bruce is tied up in front of at the end are classic Marvel illustrator visuals. I appreciated that stuff as a comic-book fan and I'm mad more of these films' directors don't embrace that look instead of imposing their own look to the films.

For my money, the action of HULK is the best (can we call HULK a superhero?) there is. Even if its CGI, its done exquisitely. I still don't understand how they accomplished that whole desert sequence. From the tank-smashing to the missilizing and "parking lot"ing of the natural desert rock formations to the destruction of a major SF cable-car line and street. Aside from being a great CB-inspired action sequence, it was visually stunning.

I also think Eric Bana was superb.

Wanna know my dream super-hero movie / s-h movie sequences? I got a few ideas:

1. The Ultimates. The recent Marvel title with Cap Am, Iron Man, HULK, Nick Fury, and the rest. Do it straight from the issue's storyline and it would freak. It would be an ambitious undertaking, and probably clock in at 5-1/2 hours long, but done right and it would be the finest film ever made for nerds like me.

2. A bad-guy film. Do anti-super-hero movie. One that doesn't develop him as a secondary character but one that focuses mainly on someone with enormous potential, who develops a severely wared world view, and decides to terrorize and destroy. The super-hero becomes the minor secondary character and still wins throughout the movie, but we get to focus on a guy who is evil, defeated, and unrepentand. X-Men has done something sim. with Magneto, but I wouldn't want an all Magneto movie. Maybe The Hellfire Club or maybe someone bugged out and minor like Jigsaw, Sandman, Red Skull, or shit...a Loki movie would rock the shit.

3. The Spider-Man vs. HULK fight on the Chelsea piers. Just something I think would look amazing. Done against the backdrop of a teeming NYC skyline with wide-angle shots.

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