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Topic subjectRE: Your top 5 superhero movies
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136232, RE: Your top 5 superhero movies
Posted by YaBoy...Holla@ME, Sun Jan-01-06 07:37 PM
my favorite movie genre

1. Batman Begins
2. Spiderman/Spiderman 2
3. Superman/Superman 2
4. X2
5. Punisher

If you cant tell I love origins. I dont collect comics anymore and was never fully into it like you guys seem to be but I still have a good understanding of what happened in the comics and how the stories should be. I also ignore some continuity things and have a good idea of what i think my favorite super hero stories should go

Batman Begins was just the shit. Perfectly showed why Batman was who he was and used him as a character with faults and not just a bad ass bat.

Spiderman just did the origin so perfectly, I loved watching him work out the powers and stuff. Green Goblin was kinda weak but it didnt ruin the movie at all for me. Very cool action as well I thought. The sequel is tied because like someone said it didnt feel like a sequel but more like his continued adventures

Superman and Superman 2 are tied for pretty much the exact same reasons as Spiderman and Spiderman 2. Plus Superman 2 had the "Come son of Jor-El and kneel before Zod!" line

I pretty much hated Xmen the first time i saw it. I can enjoy a bit more now but I still wish they would have gone with the original XMen, a hairless beast, Ice man (not a young one an actual team member), Angel etc. The only problem with that is there's no Wolverine and he's pretty much indispensible. With the hate I had for XMen, X2 was kind of a breath of fresh air with more Wolverine action, introducing Collossus (whom should have been a team member from the get go too), Nightcrawler's kick ass action scene and the FUCKING PHOENIX! I was soooo hype when i saw that shit

I really liked the Punisher, I liked how the handled the killing of his whole family without making it overly gory but still making it gritty. Him walking out of the water and collapsing was pretty cheesy, i think that voodoo dude should have found him in a net while fishing or something. Very entertaining to me and did the story justice I thought although it could have been better

Honorable Mention: Hulk (it was cool, special fx were dope but his pops becoming the evil lightning bolt was way too much), Unbreakable, Sin City (i didnt include this because I dont really see any of the character as "heroes" but its still a great comic adaptation, probably the best), the Incredibles, and yes even Daredevil, hell I even half enjoyed Constantine (i was in no way whatsoever informed about the comic so it was my first introduction to the character and Keanu was definitely horible but it was still entertaining)

Im pretty lax on judging movies, as long as Im entertained its cool. I judge superhero movies harder than other genres but im more easily entertained by them so they usually score pretty high with me